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  1. The Bakersfield Californian

    We’re really getting to a good place in Bakersfield dining when we have so many successful, locally owned places that are cloning themselves.

    19 minutes ago
  2. BVarsity Live

    It’s been a while since Trevor Horn wrote about “Hope Through Hoops” about Braxton Huggins. Well, now the Fresno State senior full of confidence and happiness.

    about 1 hour ago
  3. Trevor Horn

    It was good to see ⁦@braxton_huggins⁩ smile again. His love for the game is strong at Fresno State.

    about 1 hour ago
  4. BVarsityLive

    Happy, confident ⁦@braxton_huggins⁩ leads the way for ⁦@FresnoStateMBB⁩.

    about 1 hour ago
  5. HERB BENHAM: A walk to remember from Oleander to Westchester

    I don’t know why I feel sorry for somebody when I see them walking over the Oak Street overpass, but I do.

    about 2 hours ago
  6. Steven E. Mayer

    Letters written in 1966 by sailor aboard the USS Enterprise to his beloved in Bakersfield

    about 2 hours ago
  7. Tehachapi News

    Now's the time to enter your photos in the Gallery 'N' Gifts contest.

    about 2 hours ago
  8. BVarsity Live

    Patterson's 29 leads East Bakersfield High School to big road win at Highland High School (Bakersfield, California) in girls basketball action.

    about 3 hours ago
  9. Happy, confident Braxton Huggins leads the way at Fresno State

    FRESNO - Please excuse Braxton Huggins if he just wants to smile.

    about 3 hours ago
  10. The Bakersfield Californian

    Buck Owens was Buck Owens and nobody else was ever going to be Buck Owens. But after the country music legend died in 2006, the people running his legacy club, the Crystal Palace, needed someone capable of owning that stage the way Owens did.

    about 4 hours ago
  11. COMMUNITY VOICES: Previewing the next 12 months

    A new year is here. My prediction is clear skies with a chance of sunshine.

    about 9 hours ago
  12. Local Rams fanbase, while under the radar, comes out during playoff run

    Does the Los Angeles Rams presence — and their success and subsequent playoff push this season — reverberate in Bakersfield?

    about 12 hours ago
  13. Jan 18 high school roundup

    Boys basketball North 68, South 34 At South NHS (10-11, 4-1 SEYL): Ferguson 17 (10 assists, 6 rebs), Keys 12, Atkerson 12, Christopher 11, Mitchell 6 (11 rebs), Thompson 8, Mireles 2, Johnson 2.

    about 13 hours ago
  14. Trevor Horn

    Sound off.

    about 13 hours ago
  15. BVarsityLive

    RT @JoeGNavarro: @BVarsityLive @trevhorn Boys BBall Independence 78 Ridgeview 58 Elijah Carter 30 points and 14 Rebounds.

    about 13 hours ago

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Updates from local businesses
  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    First the rain and now this. The bad news continues to flow everywhere as we fight on into the good night.

    Monday at 04:24PM
  2. BMOA

    This Saturday Studio, happening January 19, students ages 6-16 will learn about the art of mandalas and get the opp…

    January 13 at 07:00PM
  3. BMOA

    Join us! 🍷

    January 11 at 06:25PM
  4. Bakersfield Blaze

    That's funny because we haven't been able to sleep in nearly three years due to the heartbreak & sorrow @benmaller

    January 10 at 07:49PM
  5. Bakersfield Blaze

    As a once proud franchise that was excommunicated from the California League after you visited us, we demand you pr…

    January 09 at 07:18PM
  6. Caffeine Supreme

    The more coffee you drink, the longer you live!☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ We’re here for you.👊🏼 #yourewelcome

    January 08 at 11:17AM


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Local Traffic

  1. Hit and Run No Injuries - Sr184 / Pioneer Dr

    27 minutes ago
  2. Trfc Collision-No Inj - E Brundage Ln / Sr184

    about 1 hour ago
  3. Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj - Granite Rd / N Chester Ext

    about 3 hours ago
  4. Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj - Buena Vista Rd / Sr119

    about 6 hours ago
  5. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - 7th Standard Rd / Magnolia Ave

    about 9 hours ago
  6. Traffic Hazard - Sb Sr99 Jno Elmo Hwy

    about 10 hours ago
  7. Hit and Run No Injuries - S Edison Rd / Sr223

    about 11 hours ago
  8. Traffic Hazard - 0 Unnamed Street

    about 12 hours ago
  9. Traffic Hazard - Sr58 E / Tower Line Rd Ofr

    about 12 hours ago
  10. Traffic Hazard - Olive Dr / Fruitvale Ave

    about 12 hours ago

#BCali Tweets


    Huge Pines trimmed we had our Friend Butch pick it up!!👍 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    January 08 at 08:05PM

    👑 🌴 Of Course Skinned & Trimmed🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    January 08 at 11:05AM

    Redwoods needed a little cleaning out!! #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    January 07 at 08:05PM

    Pine 🌳S trimmed away from Cable wires 🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    January 07 at 11:05AM

    Large Oak trimmed Before & After. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    January 06 at 08:05PM
  6. El Popular News

    El mundo ya está celebrando el Año Nuevo con mucha alegría y apogeo. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! #elpopularnews #periodismo

    December 31 2018 at 07:48PM
  7. El Popular News

    Es nuestro deseo en El Popular de desearles una feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo #elpopularnews #navidad

    December 25 2018 at 12:51PM

    Ash 🌳 Trimmed in Kern City.🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    December 23 2018 at 11:05AM
  9. El Popular News

    Solamente faltan dos días para Navidad... ¿Ya estás listo? #elpopularnews #periodismo #municipios #bako #bcali

    December 23 2018 at 12:35AM
  10. El Popular News

    En starbucksmood de un cafecito calientito. Ahora en este tiempo de fiestas ¿porque no ir a @starbucks ? ¡Salud!…

    December 08 2018 at 05:53PM

Local Tweets

  1. Mi Sinaloa Restaurant

    We do the cooking. Ubereats takes it to you.

    1 minute ago
  2. Coco

    RT @GOPLeader: A growing chorus of Democrats are frustrated by their leaders' refusal to compromise. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should…

    1 minute ago
  3. ModernDayRome

    🕴🏾Keep everything... #modern . . PhotoCred: 🎥 📸 multimediabob #herewego #artist #songwriter #musician #cleanup

    1 minute ago
  4. Jr

    I hate changing the kegs at work, my hands smell like beer smh

    1 minute ago
  5. 🇺🇸 April 🇺🇸

    RT @GOPLeader: A growing chorus of Democrats are frustrated by their leaders' refusal to compromise. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should…

    2 minutes ago
  6. Mo 🇺🇸

    RT @GOPLeader: A growing chorus of Democrats are frustrated by their leaders' refusal to compromise. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should…

    2 minutes ago
  7. Reel Feels Podcast

    2 minutes ago
  8. steve

    I used to want a kid for the longest now i cant ever imagine having one

    2 minutes ago
  9. Lights In Front

    This is what I just did🤫

    2 minutes ago
  10. moon child ☾

    RT @b4ph_: @_txriixdnla

    2 minutes ago
  11. Samuel DeSchutter

    I hate shaving

    3 minutes ago
  12. Terry Thomas

    RT @Condors: We showed the way last night. Now, finish it tonight @EdmontonOilers. #BattleOfAlberta #Condorstown

    3 minutes ago
  13. Candice Neill

    Just disgraceful. 💔

    3 minutes ago
  14. Misty & Kyle

    RT @GVBulldogs: #BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight: Abraham Ortega is #BulldogSTRONG because he has shown GROWTH, demonstrates PRIDE, and liv…

    3 minutes ago
  15. CSUB_WBB

    Q1 | Cougars capitalize from the charity stripe and go up nine in the first quarter. CSUB 9 CSU 18 #Family #WAChoops

    3 minutes ago