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  1. Cop tales: 'It's your courtroom, Your Honor'

    Cop Tales are true stories as told by law enforcement officers from all over the country.

    about 9 hours ago
  2. JON STUEBBE: Why are trucks more dangerous once they simply cross into California?

    It’s amazing how stupid truck drivers become immediately upon crossing the border from other states into California.

    about 9 hours ago
  3. COURT THIS WEEK: Leslie Chance, accused of killing her husband, to appear in court Wednesday

    Leslie Chance is schedule to appear before a Kern County Superior judge Wednesday.

    about 9 hours ago
  4. ANNA SMITH: Local businesses doing their part to protect the environment

    Recently, international news and social media have profiled a singular issue in the Amazonian forests of Brazil that affects us all; they’re burning.

    about 10 hours ago
  5. Pitts: Arguments over electability are an annoying diversion

    Our subject today is a word. It seems to be the word of the moment, at least on the political left.

    about 10 hours ago
  6. Tiny homes for vets could be ready by Christmas

    There’s a tremendous need in Bakersfield for affordable housing for homeless veterans.

    about 11 hours ago
  7. 'A little bit of everything': Services, restaurants, gyms help shopping centers adapt to e-commerce

    Shopping centers used to be places people frequented mainly because they wanted to buy something — a book, a pair of shoes, maybe a birthday cake.

    about 12 hours ago
  8. NICK STROBEL: Fall season begins for planetarium

    This Wednesday, the William M. Thomas Planetarium begins the fall season of shows with “Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity.” Still a favorite of audiences of all ages, the show explores the two types of black holes: stellar mass black holes and supermassive black holes.

    about 12 hours ago
  9. Steven E. Mayer

    RT @ASFleischman: Georgia makes it a crime to move or eliminate monuments to the fight for slavery So my hometown, left with no other opti…

    about 13 hours ago
  10. 'I'll prove you wrong': CSUB gives those formerly incarcerated a second chance through education

    Larry Gonzales Sr. thought his life had reached its greatest potential when he was deployed to Afghanistan at 18.

    about 13 hours ago
  11. Letter to the Editor: A diamond in the rough

    So you don’t like Trump. I can understand that. I certainly disagree with him on the global warming issue.

    about 22 hours ago
  12. Letter to the Editor: Shafter's united front

    Jose Gaspar crafts a piece (“JOSE GASPAR: Talk of mayoral, city council recalls in Shafter,” Sept.

    about 22 hours ago
  13. Mathews: Fabiola's fabulous college fund

    This spring — as federal prosecutors announced charges against wealthy Californians who paid bribes to get their kids into elite universities — a poor kid from a poor town faced her own dilemma: how could she help others go to college?

    about 22 hours ago
  14. COMMUNITY VOICES: Gandhi’s philosophy in the age of Trump: A time for reflection

    It’s hard to imagine a sharper contrast between two famous people than Donald Trump and Mahatma Gandhi.

    about 23 hours ago
  15. Trevor Horn

    Onward. One step at a time for @GarcesFootball.

    September 14 at 11:46PM

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  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    @jenmacramos Our ears are burning, and not just because they're literally on fire every moment of every day.

    September 13 at 10:49PM
  2. Bakersfield Blaze

    RT @HoopBallFantasy: CONTEST! RT & follow us for a chance to win a Draft Guide on 9/18! Until then, grab some @HIKonaCoffee and check out:…

    September 11 at 03:51PM
  3. Bakersfield Blaze

    RT @ZackBayrouty: So excited to join @vincebaseball for A's/Angels tonight in Oakland and keep the chair warm for the great @KenKorachRadio

    September 03 at 07:37PM
  4. Bakersfield Blaze

    There was no light. Only darkness.

    September 02 at 04:00PM
  5. Bakersfield Blaze

    You can always wake us up to bring us good news.

    September 01 at 03:21PM
  6. Bakersfield Blaze

    Our former broadcaster @DanBesbris works over at this spot. That's why we RT stuff sometimes.

    August 23 at 01:14PM

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Local Traffic

  1. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Wb Sr178 At Oswell St

    about 8 hours ago
  2. Traffic Hazard - Sb Sr99 Jno 7th Standard Rd

    about 8 hours ago
  3. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Merle Haggard Dr / Industry Parkway Dr

    about 15 hours ago
  4. Traffic Hazard - Eb Sr58 Jeo Gen Beale Rd

    September 13 at 02:53PM
  5. Traffic Hazard - Piute Dr / Big Blue Rd

    September 12 at 10:10PM
  6. Provide Traffic Control - Sr99 N / Sr204 Ofr

    September 12 at 09:56PM
  7. Object Flying From Veh - S Fairfax Rd / Panama Rd

    September 11 at 03:10PM
  8. Traffic Hazard - 507 Mccord Ave

    September 11 at 03:05PM
  9. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Niles St / Fairfax Rd

    September 11 at 02:53PM
  10. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Eb Sr58 At S H St

    September 10 at 12:56PM

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  1. El Popular News

    #ÚLTIMAHORA. La tormenta tropical #Dorian se convierte en Huracan categoria 5 mientras llega alas #Bahamas

    September 01 at 05:46AM
  2. El Popular News

    Voy a ser uno de los panelistas de uno de los talleres en español. Gracias a Jay Tamsi por darme esta oportunidad!…

    August 28 at 07:52PM

    Trim redwood remove queen 🌴 Before & After. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    August 20 at 08:05PM

    Chinese Elm 🌳 trimmed Before & After 🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    August 20 at 11:05AM

    More 🌴S. Before & After 🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    August 19 at 08:05PM

    Trimmed 🌳S. Again for my favorite veterinarian Dr. Zackery,Before & After.. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all…

    August 19 at 11:05AM
  7. El Popular News

    Hace unos momentos se reporto un incendio en la comunidad de Oildale. Bomberos están en escena. #elpopularnews

    August 17 at 04:17PM

    Couple of Crape Myrtles haven't been trimmed in a long time.Before & After. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all…

    August 07 at 08:05PM

    Olive 🌳S.get their 1st.Haircut #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    August 07 at 11:05AM

    Queen 🌴S.Skinned & trimmed for the Coash.🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    August 06 at 08:05PM

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  1. Teresa Rimmer


    about 9 hours ago
  2. SoggyNSFW🔞

    RT @TwitchyClit: Last update on this spinel futa. Next post will be a completed pic. See ya.

    about 9 hours ago
  3. Don't Feed The Trolls

    RT @GOPLeader: I come from the number one agriculture community in the United States, and I can tell you that our farmers are supportive of…

    about 9 hours ago
  4. §@u|

    Have you ever had you and your girl driving thru traffic? Except at 110mph☠️☠️☠️🖤🖤🖤

    about 9 hours ago
  5. Cathy Reeves

    RT @GOPLeader: I come from the number one agriculture community in the United States, and I can tell you that our farmers are supportive of…

    about 9 hours ago
  6. Adam Castro

    #MaddenNFL20 #XboxShare

    about 9 hours ago
  7. Zillah

    about 9 hours ago
  8. Michael Jay

    Broncos piss me off

    about 9 hours ago
  9. Pap

    Round 2 for you all going down now! Can’t remember the last time I sat down and put on a show this many hours for y…

    about 9 hours ago

    Have you heard ‘ThreeThirty You Can't Hold Me Back’ by ThreeThirty Podcast Radio on #SoundCloud? #np

    about 9 hours ago
  11. luna

    RT @neutronron: GULCH added. Tickets on sale Monday

    about 9 hours ago
  12. 𝑎𝑑𝑟𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎𝑎 ♓️

    RT @melitzakarely: Someone put me on to some new corridos/grupos pls

    about 9 hours ago
  13. Rent

    Pedro Infante dropped bangers for 20+ years, faked his death, and hid out in the mountains for the rest of his life…

    about 9 hours ago
  14. Pam

    why im the bread maker of this group

    about 9 hours ago
  15. Melissa Grace

    I just want to be where you are and I just want to be near your heart ♥️

    about 9 hours ago