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  1. BVarsityLive

    North and Independence coaches have agreed to begins doubles despite No. 4 and No. 6 singles matches still in play.…

    31 minutes ago
  2. BVarsityLive

    RT @TheJerryMartin: In Kingsburg for the CIF CS D5 quarterfinal girls 🎾 match between the No.2 Vikings and No.10 Desert High School https:/…

    41 minutes ago
  3. Mike Griffith

    RT @CondorsHolty: Cooper Marody will become the 5th player to make his #NHL debut from #Condorstown (Khaira, Benning, Simpson, Bear). He an…

    45 minutes ago
  4. BVarsityLive

    North leads Independence 3-1 in the D-III girls tennis quarterfinals. Stars takes No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5 while Falc…

    50 minutes ago
  5. Letter to the Editor: Finding answers

    In response to "Answers in Science" by David Keranen from Oct.

    about 1 hour ago
  6. Gerson: Afghan War reveals the terrible price of security in a hostile world

    The Afghan War -- really, the war against terrorists and their allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- has elements of a Greek tragedy.

    about 1 hour ago
  7. BVarsityLive

    Independence strikes first in D-III quarterfinals as Nathalia Martin beat Aubree Durden 6-0, 6-0 in No. 2 singles at North.

    about 1 hour ago
  8. PHOTO GALLERY: Hurricane Willa roars nears Mexico's shore, heads for resort area

    MAZATLAN, Mexico (AP) — Hurricane Willa roared over an offshore penal colony and closed in on Mexico's Pacific coast with 120 mph winds Tuesday, threatening a major resort area along with fishing villages and farms.

    about 1 hour ago
  9. BVarsityLive

    Out here at North as the 3-seed Stars are hosting No. 11 Independence in the D-III girls tennis quarterfinals. Each…

    about 1 hour ago
  10. Letter to the Editor: Remembering Gus Balasis

    I read with interest the obituary for Gus Balasis. Mr. Balasis played violin with the Bakersfield Philharmonic at the age of 15, which in my mind, is amazing.

    about 1 hour ago
  11. Truxtun Avenue/Oak Street closures set for Thursday

    Parts of the Truxtun Avenue/Oak Street intersection will be closed this week for work on a traffic signal.

    about 2 hours ago
  12. BFD: Fire at St. Francis Parish School was arson

    A fire at St. Francis Parish School on Monday morning appears to have been arson.

    about 2 hours ago
  13. Letter to the Editor: Get the facts straight

    Politicians, mostly Republicans, are playing the public for fools. Unfortunately, most are falling for it.

    about 3 hours ago
  14. BVarsity Live

    Our top images from yesterday's South Area Championships!

    about 3 hours ago
  15. The Bakersfield Cali

    Missed the registration deadline? Don't worry it's not too late.

    about 3 hours ago

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Updates from local businesses
  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    We know you're excited for Tuesday up above, but let me tell you, the UnderWorld Series is equally exciting. Try…

    October 21 at 11:04PM
  2. BMOA

    🎂 Thank you!!

    October 21 at 06:52PM
  3. Bakersfield Blaze

    With those winnings, you could just pay to put the OKC Dodgers on wheels and tow a stadium across the country.

    October 21 at 12:44PM
  4. BMOA

    We are here from 10AM-8PM!

    October 20 at 12:30PM
  5. BMOA

    See you this weekend! 🎶

    October 18 at 02:15PM
  6. Bakersfield Blaze

    RT @HoopBallLakers: Game one is here! We did a show, with a look at the start of the LeBron era, and what it means both for fans and those…

    October 18 at 07:49AM


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  8. Ghosts of historic route 99 #3 diptych #polaroidweek #roidweek #polaroid600 #bakersfield #cali #makerealphotos
  9. More 2018 Vintage Drag Racing Action Photos From Little River Dragway In Texas
  10. Rep. Kevin McCarthy's Bakersfield office attacked with massive rock, he says

Local Traffic

  1. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Patton Way / Sr58

    6 minutes ago
  2. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Lake Isabella Blvd / Bodfish St

    11 minutes ago
  3. Traffic Hazard - Brimhall Rd / Superior Rd

    44 minutes ago
  4. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Sr184 / Redbank Rd

    about 1 hour ago
  5. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - 7th Standard Rd / Coffee Rd

    about 1 hour ago
  6. Traffic Hazard - Sb Sr99 Jno Ming Ave

    about 1 hour ago
  7. Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj - Nb Sr99 Jso Rosedale Hwy

    about 1 hour ago
  8. Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj - Fairfax Rd / Pioneer Dr

    about 2 hours ago
  9. Traffic Hazard - 2001 N Chester Ave

    about 2 hours ago
  10. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Knudsen Dr / Olive Dr

    about 2 hours ago

#BCali Tweets

  1. El Popular News

    via #No te pierdas la entrevista con el príncipe Naveen de Disney on Ice esta semana en El…

    about 18 hours ago
  2. El Popular News

    Solamente faltan 10 días para la Noche de Brujas🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️¿ya tienes tu disfraz? Dinos abajo ⬇️ de que te vas a d…

    October 21 at 06:52PM
  3. El Popular News

    Cuando tu vecino te ve quejándote de que tu carro no cabe en el garage. #elpopularnews #noticias #video #periodismo

    October 02 at 07:42AM
  4. El Popular News

    ¡Felicidades! A todos los ganadores de los boletos para la charreada del día de hoy!! #elpopularnews

    September 30 at 08:29PM
  5. El Popular News

    Estás son escenas del comediante octogenario Bill Cosby después de haber sido sentenciado a diez años de prisión, s…

    September 29 at 09:48PM
  6. El Popular News

    Cuenta regresiva para las elecciones 2018...¡faltan 44 días! Deja que tu voz se oiga, ¡regístrate y vota!…

    September 23 at 06:53AM
  7. El Popular News

    Celebración de la Independencia Mexicana en el centro de Bakersfield. #elpopularnews #bako #bcali #bakersfield

    September 15 at 08:49PM
  8. El Popular News

    Vengan a visitar a konaicebakersfield aquí en los festejos del 16 de septiembre #elpopularnews #konaice

    September 15 at 07:07PM
  9. El Popular News

    ¡La mejor fuente informativa en español! El Popular, llámenos al 661-325-7725 #elpopularnews #bako #bcali

    September 14 at 01:29PM
  10. El Popular News

    ¡Le mejor fuente informativa en español! El Popular, llámenos al 661-325-7725 #elpopularnews #noticias #periodico

    September 14 at 01:09PM

Local Tweets

  1. Christine McKee

    RT @EdTechGarcia: Wow!! 500 YEARS OF VIDEO!! Thanks to @Flipgrid and all the AWESOME educators around the world that help empower #StudentV

    2 minutes ago
  2. Carlos

    RT @awgequino: Believe what u want, that aint me🤷🏽‍♂️

    2 minutes ago
  3. BeccaNecca

    RT @Highland_Scots: Girls Tennis is up 4-2 after singles vs Coalinga in the CIFCS D-IV Quarterfinal round. @BVarsityLive @HometownBAK https…

    2 minutes ago
  4. Highland High School

    Girls Tennis is up 4-2 after singles vs Coalinga in the CIFCS D-IV Quarterfinal round. @BVarsityLive @HometownBAK

    2 minutes ago
  5. Michelllle

    So weird how I'm losing weight lol. 🤔

    3 minutes ago
  6. Jena Lords

    .@Ron_White can’t wait to see you LIVE on Thursday in #Bakersfield @foxfndn! #TaterSalad

    3 minutes ago
  7. janice

    Dodgers in Game 7 ⚾️💙 MVP: Bellinger #WorldSeries

    3 minutes ago
  8. Lauri Heffernan

    This thread!!!👇🏽Let kids be! As an educator, I’m wondering how the teacher & principal could have helped. Just as w…

    3 minutes ago
  9. The real David Perez

    Big Papi says the #RedSox will win the #worldseries in 2 games! @MLBONFOX #davidortiz @AROD

    3 minutes ago
  10. Carlos

    RT @awgequino: Im really done tryna prove myself.

    3 minutes ago
  11. Steven Gibbs


    3 minutes ago
  12. Jeanne Moore

    RT @kevinomccarthy: “McCarthy has done the country a real service by offering the Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act – an effective bill t…

    3 minutes ago
  13. Desiree Martinez

    YAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!! 🙌🏽👑

    4 minutes ago
  14. Shannon Knotts

    RT @kevinomccarthy: “McCarthy has done the country a real service by offering the Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act – an effective bill t…

    4 minutes ago
  15. lori

    aye has anyone seen tinthoe? I mean tinto?

    4 minutes ago