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  1. Merle Haggard's birthday celebrated in favorite songs

    On the occasion of Merle Haggard's 78th birthday Monday, we thought we'd challenge ourselves by recommending just a few essential songs from the country music legend's long career.

    April 06 at 12:56PM

  2. The different sides of Kevin McCarthy

    Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy has garnered headlines around the country this past week in ascending to the powerful post of House majority leader.

    June 21 2014 at 08:26AM

  3. Bakersfield restaurant chain expanding to Nashville

    Nashville apparently can't get enough of Bakersfield. The Tennessee city, whose Country Music Hall of Fame has hosted a fabulous Bakersfield Sound exhibit the last few years, is adding a Bakersfield restaurant.

    June 05 2014 at 08:04AM

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  1. Zach Ewing

    @Roberts2324S MaxPreps, or we print county leaders every week in The Californian, usually on Thursdays

    about 7 hours ago
  2. Kurt Busch wins at Richmond to seal Chase berth; Harvick 2nd

    RICHMOND, Va. -- Suspension to redemption. After being suspended for three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races earlier this season after an alleged domestic violence incident, Kurt Busch won Sunday's postponed Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond International Raceway in a dominating performance, virtually locking up a spot in this year's Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

    about 9 hours ago
  3. Louis Amestoy

    Golden Gate Bridge officials seek help in addressing drones

    about 9 hours ago
  4. The Bakersfield Cali

    Merle Haggard finally gets that high school diploma (Sent from TBC Mobile)

    about 9 hours ago
  5. The Bakersfield Cali

    Ask TBC: What's the latest on the Isabella Dam fixes? (Sent from TBC Mobile)

    about 9 hours ago
  6. The Bakersfield Cali

    Parishioners christen new house of worship (Sent from TBC Mobile)

    about 9 hours ago
  7. SYLVIA ALAJAJI: The day I found out that my grandparents had survived a genocide

    I remember when I first learned about the bad thing that happened long ago.

    about 9 hours ago
  8. Trevor Horn

    RT @HaroldAbend: All-State Girls Underclass @CalHiSports has Celeste West of Garces 1st Tm 2016 @trevhorn

    about 10 hours ago
  9. Eric Richardson prevails at Raceway Park

    Eric Richardson became Kern County Raceway Park's first Late Model repeat winner this year, holding off his cousin Brian Richardson to take the second of twin 35-lap races on Saturday night.

    about 10 hours ago
  10. B.J. MITCHELL: System helps libraries improve service -- and reduce costs

    The article "Survey skips privatization issue" (April 18) asks the question "are officials asking the right questions?

    about 10 hours ago
  11. Seattle pitching cools off CSUB

    Despite dropping to third place in the WAC standings after a 4-0 loss to Seattle University at Hardt Field on Sunday, Cal State Bakersfield baseball coach Bill Kernen is convinced that there is no team in the conference that is better than the Roadrunners.

    about 10 hours ago
  12. OTHER VIEWS: What if Chicago didn't have Lake Michigan?

    The dire California water shortage got us thinking (OK, gloating) about the glory of Chicago: its abundance of water.

    about 11 hours ago
  13. Parishioners christen new house of worship

    Parishioners of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church had waited long enough for a home to call their own after seven years of holding Mass at Frontier High School.

    about 11 hours ago
  14. Louis Amestoy

    I wonder if @_davidmayhew @DerekThorn6 would like to win this

    about 12 hours ago
  15. OLIVIA GARCIA: 'Lone Survivor' author speaks at local gala

    It may have only been in its second year, but the Red White & Blue Gala held last week at the Crystal Palace showed that Bakersfield truly cares about supporting families who have lost someone in the military.

    about 12 hours ago

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Updates from local businesses
  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    RT @DanBesbris: Headed down to the Californian building for a First Look with Scott Cox silliness fest... on at 8am!

    43 minutes ago
  2. Bakersfield Blaze

    'course, that means we're off on Thursday when others are playing. Do I smell a fake game reboot?

    about 12 hours ago
  3. Bakersfield Blaze

    The rest of the Cal League is off tomorrow, but not us! Guess that means you're stuck with Blaze baseball, eh?

    about 12 hours ago
  4. Bakersfield Blaze

    @2mduffel It is possible; waiting on final confirmation. Would be a visiting player.

    about 15 hours ago
  5. Bakersfield Blaze

    O'Neill drives in another run, but Blaze fall to SJ in finale. DOLLAR MONDAY tomorrow! Recap:

    about 16 hours ago
  6. Bakersfield Blaze

    Blaze get a walk in the 9th but nothin' else and drop the finale to San Jose 5-2. Bako still 6-2 against SJ this season and 8-2 last 10.

    about 17 hours ago


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  8. Steak & Eggs @ 24th street cafe #breakfast #steak&eggs #24thstreetcafe #dinersofinstagram #dinersofbakersfield #bakersfield #california
  9. I lost weight!! What a nice surprise on a Monday morning. I got through my #HIITyBittyBikini and really noticed a difference on how many exercises/reps I could get through compared to last time. Now I'm at the airport and off to #Bakersfield! I'm hoping to do some bikini abs when I get to my hotel and keep it up the rest of the week! #tiucheckin #tiuhouston #travel #businesstravel #sweatyselfie @courtneyyycav @jillmburkey
  10. Freak, a Beastro son, says good morning. He's owned by our friend @theg00dy.


  1. 7908 Animas Ct Bakersfield, California 93309 MLS# 21504686
  2. 9407 Tortuga Del Mar Dr Bakersfield, California 93314 MLS# 21504681
  3. 5908 Sucre Pl Bakersfield, California 93306 MLS# 21504666
  4. 2323 Pine St Bakersfield, California 93301 MLS# 21502174
  6. Bakersfield Homeless Center Garden Project
  7. Plan to get ahead, Bakersfield traders
  8. My QB #7 Bakersfield Army All Star Arena Bowl
  9. Bruce Schumacher's: Dwight Yokam's/Buck Owens: "Here on the Streets of Bakersfield. -- Video5369
  10. 8216 Birmingham St Bakersfield, California 93311 MLS# 21503869

#BCali Tweets


    Stone pines Before & After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 25 at 10:19AM

    Very large Cotton Wood trimmed #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 24 at 11:04AM

    Clear Propt. line for owner #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 24 at 10:19AM

    RT @realstefanidias: Artists hard at work for Kern County Plein Aire Painting Festival: #BCali #kernpleinair https:/โ€ฆ

    April 23 at 06:33PM
  5. Stefani Dias

    Artists hard at work for Kern County Plein Aire Painting Festival: #BCali #kernpleinair

    April 23 at 03:17PM

    Queen palms raised up. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 23 at 10:19AM

    Trim Pine on Neighbor side Only #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 22 at 10:19AM

    Olive tree Before & After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 21 at 11:04AM

    Olive Before and After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 21 at 10:19AM

    Carob Trimmed Before& After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 20 at 10:19AM

Local Tweets

  1. Tayten holden

    my stomach hurts๐Ÿ˜ญ

    2 minutes ago
  2. truthbetoldimwhite

    Flicka da wrist

    2 minutes ago
  3. Theresa Ronayne

    wow I love listening to Catholic radio on a Monday morning :-)

    2 minutes ago
  4. ashley

    sub in zarra you're welcome

    2 minutes ago
  5. juvii

    RT @E_ridinsolo: Dabs no joke

    3 minutes ago
  6. C Peters

    Oh joy...another week of Smarter Balance testing.

    4 minutes ago
  7. truthbetoldimwhite

    Draft in 3 days hopefully some dope trades happen...

    6 minutes ago
  8. Vinny Scans

    A 1998 Ford Mustang was just scanned near Lamont, CA 93241 #cars #vinny_scans #whatsyourcarworth

    7 minutes ago
  9. e

    Dabs no joke

    7 minutes ago
  10. evelyn


    7 minutes ago
  11. marissa แƒฆ

    it should be illegal to talk to someone when they have their earphones in

    8 minutes ago
  12. Tabby

    Almost forgot my glasses

    8 minutes ago
  13. .

    Wtf? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’• My little specimen ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

    9 minutes ago
  14. SolarCare

    Happy Monday, last week of April, so in the spirit of things SolarCare is offering 20% off all cleaning. Valid today only #Bakersfield

    9 minutes ago
  15. โŽbrannbrannโŽ

    My twitter boring ๐Ÿ˜ก

    12 minutes ago

Local Traffic

  1. Hit and Run No Injuries - Niles St / Mount Vernon Ave

    32 minutes ago
  2. Traffic Hazard - Eb Sr58 Jwo Bealeville Rd

    about 2 hours ago
  3. Defective Traffic Signals - Norris Rd / Mccray St

    about 4 hours ago
  4. Wrong Way Driver - Eb Sr178 At Mount Vernon Ave

    about 5 hours ago
  5. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Sr99 N / Sr99 N Sr178 Ofr

    about 7 hours ago
  6. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Nb Sr99 Jso Olive Dr

    about 8 hours ago
  7. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Mount Vernon Ave / Kentucky St

    about 9 hours ago
  8. Traffic Hazard - Sr223 / Tower Line Rd

    about 11 hours ago
  9. Hit and Run No Injuries - 8216 Panama Rd

    about 12 hours ago
  10. Traffic Hazard - Woodrow Ave / Sheldon Dr

    about 12 hours ago Daily Deal


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