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  1. Motorist found not guilty of gross vehicular manslaughter in crash that killed 79-year-old woman

    A man involved in a northwest Bakersfield crash three years ago that killed a 79-year-old woman was found not guilty Friday of gross vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI charges in an "extremely difficult" trial that began a month ago.

    41 minutes ago
  2. The Bakersfield Cali

    New owner of Trout's sues former bar operator Rockwell via @Bakersfieldcali

    47 minutes ago
  3. Charles Robert Robison, 1956-2017

    Charles Robert Robison of Tehachapi, Calif., peacefully passed away in his home on July 20, 2017.

    55 minutes ago
  4. The Bakersfield Californian

    In today's edition of TBC's 5@4, we take a look at The Californian's new drone video being unveiled this weekend.There is also a court case involving a Camaro and the DMV, plus it's the 65th anniversary of the largest earthquake and we take a look at life in the minor for the Train Robbers. Catch TBC Five@4 every weekday at 4 p.m. on

    56 minutes ago
  5. Harold Eugene Stewart, 1921-2017

    Harold Eugene Stewart of Tehachapi, Calif., peacefully passed away on July 20, 2017.

    59 minutes ago
  6. tbcbreakingnews

    Motorist pleads no contest to gross vehicular manslaughter in DUI crash via @Bakersfieldcali

    about 1 hour ago
  7. The Bakersfield Californian

    Multiple copies of a summons and an accompanying lawsuit have been attached, using heavy-duty clear tape rather than nails, to the doors of Trout's Nightclub in Oildale. Named in the lawsuit as defendant is Allen Thomas Rockwell, the man who owned and operated Trout's for more than a decade before the country music honky-tonk appeared to have closed last month.

    about 1 hour ago
  8. SOUND OFF: One controversial incident, two media depictions

    This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian’s news coverage.

    about 1 hour ago
  9. tbcbreakingnews

    RT @semayerTBC: The latest on Trout's Nighclub in Oildale-Bakersfield...

    about 1 hour ago
  10. Stefani Dias

    RT @mike_blacklist: "Dougie, how you like that cellphone?" "…cellphone." #twinpeaks photo by @realstefanidias @…

    about 1 hour ago
  11. Steven E. Mayer

    The latest on Trout's Nighclub in Oildale-Bakersfield...

    about 1 hour ago
  12. Motorist pleads no contest to gross vehicular manslaughter in DUI crash

    A man who was driving under the influence of both drugs and alcohol when he led police on a chase and crashed, killing a passenger, has accepted a plea agreement and faces about 12 years in prison, prosecutors said.

    about 2 hours ago
  13. BVarsityLive

    Whoa. @KVHSBroncs's @Baby_Bush_ named @CalHiSports Division V State Male Athlete of the Year.

    about 2 hours ago
  14. The Bakersfield Californian

    "The epidemic rise of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, along with opioid addiction, will ultimately tank any system."

    about 2 hours ago
  15. Stefani Dias

    And @Kristiannairn is killing it moderating #GoT panel. Asked first about Brienne/Tormund chemistry. #SDCC2017

    about 3 hours ago

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Updates from local businesses
  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    @DavidJGascon @BobbyDeMuro This is on my list of top-15 things I miss about Blaze baseball.

    about 2 hours ago
  2. Bakersfield Blaze

    @Shakabrodie @JohnArredondo3 @tabithasoren @DaveKaval It was a nice reprieve from our constant toiling here in Baseball Hell. Thank you.

    about 7 hours ago
  3. Caffeine Supreme

    Happy Thursday all our thirsty friends!!!! We have a surprise for you all! Due to the close race for last weeks...

    Thursday at 08:56AM
  4. BMOA

    Through Labor Day: We’re joining more than 2,000 Blue Star Museums across the U.S. to offer free admission to...

    Wednesday at 10:00AM
  5. Bakersfield Blaze

    @troyhess @zewing Wish we could take credit for this: but as you both know, this type of stuff has been happening f…

    Tuesday at 04:27PM
  6. BMOA

    The Visual Arts Festival juried small works exhibition has been a tradition at BMoA since 1989. For the 17th...

    Tuesday at 01:56PM


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  1. El Popular News

    Cundo te rías, ¡ríete a carcajadas! Tu cuerpo te lo agradecerá. #elpopularnews #bako #bcali

    July 13 at 06:06AM

    Chinese Elm trimmed #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

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    Queen Palm's skinned & Trimmed #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    June 16 at 11:05AM
  7. El Popular News

    La hora de la risa... ja ja ja! #bakersfield #bcali #bako #bakersfield #california #laughter

    June 06 at 06:12PM

    Orange Tree trimmed Before & After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    June 02 at 11:04AM
  9. El Popular News

    Compartamos nuestra buena fortuna con los demás! #elpopularnews #bako #bcali #bakersfield #kern

    May 31 at 05:41PM
  10. El Popular News

    Selecciones del buen humor.. ja ja ja ja! #awesome #cute #cool #elpopularnews #bako #bcali

    May 22 at 09:41AM

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    RT @motvd: unfollow me if you hate kanye or frank ocean.

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    I caught up on so much sleep😌

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    I want the ft from @Tommyjuarezz_

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    It's Friday night freedom, It's proud where you from, It's thirteen stripes & fifty ⭐️in the wind. Hold up your 🍺and holler #Americanspirit

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  10. AHSoCal_Jobs

    Join the Adventist Health SoCal Region team! See our latest #job opening here: #RN #Bakersfield, CA #Hiring

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  11. Kern Schools CU

    #9 is something everyone should be doing!

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    I'm trynna shine

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    Why do people think they need to feel sorry for me just because I'm 25 and don't have a husband and kids yet? 🙄

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