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  1. BVarsityLive

    Final: Ridgeview beats East 14-9. Wolf Pack stay tied atop the SYL baseball standing at 8-1 with Independence. Thos…

    32 minutes ago
  2. BVarsityLive

    Baseball: Heading to the bottom of the 7th, @Rhspackbaseball leads @EastHighBlades 14-6.

    45 minutes ago
  3. Kelly Ardis

    Local students will have their books on display at Saturday's Young Authors' Fair, to be held at KCSOS:

    53 minutes ago
  4. BVarsityLive

    Baseball: Heading to bottom 6, Ridgeview leading East 14-4.

    about 1 hour ago
  5. BVarsityLive

    RT @FalconVarsityBB: And (Fr.) @Jordan_Lopez06 fields a clean grounder at SS and fires over to an outstretched @Nick_Perryman22 (Fr.) to en…

    about 1 hour ago
  6. BVarsityLive

    Freshman Joseph Alatorre slugs a 2-run homer to dead center as Ridgeview retakes a double-digit lead over East, 14-4, with 2 outs in top 6.

    about 1 hour ago
  7. BVarsityLive

    Baseball: East scores three times in bottom 5 to extend play. Ridgeview leads 12-4 leading to the 6th.

    about 1 hour ago
  8. Worth Noting: United Way of Kern County gets new president/CEO

    United Way of Kern County has announced a new interim president and CEO.

    about 1 hour ago
  9. BVarsityLive

    RT @FalconVarsityBB: 🚨GRAND SLAM ALERT🚨 That @hunter_adams8 is at it again! Takes West deep to Dead Center for a 💣!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻@BVarsityLive @…

    about 1 hour ago
  10. BVarsityLive

    East gets on the board with an RBI single by Carlos Lopez. Blades trail Ridgeview 12-1 heading to the 5th, and likely last, inning.

    about 1 hour ago
  11. Promising unity, an end to political infighting, Latino community backs Delano Mayor Grace Vallejo for county supervisor candidate

    Flanked by top leaders from the Latino community, Delano Mayor Grace Vallejo emphasized the importance of unity among supporters before formally announcing she would challenge David Couch for Kern County’s newly drawn District Four supervisor area.

    about 1 hour ago
  12. BVarsityLive

    Ridgeview tacks another on in top 4 on RBI triple by Benji Caggianelli. Wolf Pack leads East 12-0.

    about 1 hour ago
  13. Not your garden-variety theater for April's Art After Dark

    Each month, the Bakersfield Museum of Art presents a new way to engage visitors to both experience the art on display and to take a creative journey beyond it.

    about 1 hour ago
  14. BVarsityLive

    Riley Moran dealing for Ridgeview. Has given up just a 2nd inning walk as the Wolf Pack lead East 11-0 through 3 innings.

    about 1 hour ago
  15. BVarsityLive

    RT @FalconVarsityBB: @Nick_Perryman22 with a lead off single up the middle to start the 3️⃣rd! Falcons 5 Vikings 0 @BVarsityLive @tro

    about 1 hour ago

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  1. Bakersfield Blaze

    If you have a quick second, please give @BobbyDeMuro an UNfollow! Thanks!

    about 7 hours ago
  2. Bakersfield Blaze

    We know

    about 7 hours ago
  3. Bakersfield Blaze

    We're pretty stoked that our Followers count continues to rise posthumously. Makes us feel like a Renaissance pain…

    about 9 hours ago
  4. Caffeine Supreme

    The monkeys 🐒🐒🐒🐒 are loose at the Brimhall Farmers Market!!! Come help us wrangle them up. We’ll be here until 2pm.…

    April 21 at 08:50AM
  5. Bakersfield Blaze

    .@BobbyDeMuro JK

    April 19 at 11:10PM
  6. Bakersfield Blaze

    .@BobbyDeMuro miss you friend

    April 19 at 11:09PM


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  1. Traffic Hazard - Sb Sr99 At Sandrini Rd

    17 minutes ago
  2. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - 16750 - 16981 Shafter Ave

    41 minutes ago
  3. Traffic Hazard - N Chester Ave / E Roberts Ln

    48 minutes ago
  4. Traffic Hazard - Sr178 / Borel Rd

    53 minutes ago
  5. Trfc Collision-No Inj - 1507 Howard Ave

    about 1 hour ago
  6. Traffic Hazard - Nb Sr99 At White Ln

    about 1 hour ago
  7. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Belle Ter / Paloma St

    about 2 hours ago
  8. Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt - Merle Haggard Dr / Mccray St

    about 3 hours ago
  9. Traffic Hazard - Chester Ave Onr / Sr58 E

    about 5 hours ago
  10. Trfc Collision-No Inj - Niles St / Mount Vernon Ave

    about 5 hours ago

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    Elm 🌳 on a lake in Bako Trimed Before & After #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    April 21 at 11:05AM
  2. El Popular News

    #larisa mamá que es gobierno? #elpopularnews #chistes #bako #bcali #bakersfield #kern #california

    April 15 at 01:31PM

    Trim two Redwoods #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 11 at 08:05PM

    Saving a Walnut 🌳 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    April 11 at 11:05AM

    WEEPING WILLOW TRIMMED FOR THE FIRST TIME. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    March 28 at 11:05AM

    🌳 Raising foundation had to be ground out. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    March 27 at 11:05AM

    Birch 🌳 Cleaned up. #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at

    March 24 at 08:05PM

    Old Orange & Walnut 1st Time Trimmed by a professional🐵 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    March 24 at 11:05AM

    1 Olive 1 Chinese Elm,and 2 Little Hummingbirds in a Olive 🌳🐵😎 #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures…

    March 22 at 11:05AM

    Three crape myrtles and 1 photinia trimmed and shaped #Bakersfield #BCali #Tree Check out all the pictures at…

    March 21 at 08:05PM

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  1. clout2.0


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  2. &THONY

    RT @OkayBigDomo:

    1 minute ago
  3. Javi

    did Lebron just make a game winning 3 ???

    1 minute ago
  4. Bianca Equihua

    When my mom says “pretty girls don’t act that way, only ugly girls” 🤦🏻‍♀️ thanks mom that’s the exact principles I wanna teach my daughters

    1 minute ago
  5. meg$

    #2 forsure lmaoo

    1 minute ago
  6. violet🍒

    My car is fixed!😎🤩🚗💨

    1 minute ago
  7. Jesus Lopez 🐐👑

    RT @nick_sweatshirt: Laughs in Bakersfieldian

    1 minute ago
  8. ShafterAthletics

    RT @ShafterTennis: The Dream Team ready for the SSL tournament 🎾

    1 minute ago
  9. Depressed Pittsburgh Fan

    🐐 🐐 🐐

    2 minutes ago
  10. jackie

    RT @19BHS19: Dear Mrs. Nixon, most of our class didn’t have the chance to meet you, but that didn’t change what kind of person you were. Yo…

    2 minutes ago
  11. C.J.

    And mf will still say Kobe better than The King smh

    2 minutes ago
  12. 🔘™

    RT @soullessserena: Lets go again!

    2 minutes ago
  13. Tenaya

    Rip Anthony at grad night

    2 minutes ago
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    RT @OkayBigDomo:

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  15. Jason

    hey im gonna make a bet if i cant finish this essay in time tonight and have its revised version up by tomorrow mo…

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